Elizabeth Hawkenson

Elizabeth Hawkenson is a model who has appeared in various photos and videos on the internet. One of those videos gained her quite a bit of notoriety because it was a porn video where she flashed her Arizona State student ID. When the video went viral it started an inquiry by the university since she was on a scholarship at the time.

It is unclear what action, if any, was taken against her at the time.

Elizabeth Hawkenson goes by the name of Liz Hawkenson or Libby Hawkenson and is originally from Copperas Cove, Texas.

She has her own website where she touts her experience as a model, but doesn’t mention any of her porn video experience.

Elizabeth Hawkenson’s story and video is a lesson for all young women about the perils of pornography and how it can affect their lives in ways they could never imagine. She was paid a sum of money to make the video and probably assumed that none of her friends or family would see it. However, because she could be personally identified in the video by her Arizona State ID which she showed to the camera (while she still had her clothes on) some less-than-scrupulous viewer enlarged the ID in still pictures and posted it to a popular online discussion group. This resulted in the video going viral and “Elizabeth Hawkenson” was a trending topic on Google for several days. Hundreds of thousands of horny guys were typing her name into the popular search engine to get a look at the video.

The story was picked up by a local paper in Arizona and that resulted in an investigation by the university itself, and a lot more unwanted attention.

Of course now when you google “elizabeth hawkenson” almost all of the results are the porn video. Imagine applying for a job nowadays when your name is linked to porn. Probably hard to get a normal job unless you change your name, and even that won’t protect you nowadays because many companies do a background check on your past names too.

I bet Hawkenson has some lessons she could teach us all about the downsides of entering the world of porn as a relatively innocent college student looking for some spending money. Perhaps one day she will speak up to other young women and share her experiences.